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Heat And Mass Transfer In An Intensely Heated Mortar Wall

Harada, K. and Terai, T., 1991. Heat And Mass Transfer In An Intensely Heated Mortar Wall. Fire Safety Science 3: 781-790. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-781


This paper treats the diffusion-convection model of heat and mass transfer in a mortar wall under intense heating. Two features are taken into account for the generation of water vapor. The first one is the desorption of the physically adsorbed water in the pore, which causes the "Temperature Creep", slow temperature rise rate near 100'C. The second one is the thermal decomposition of crystalline water at higher temperature. The model is numerically solved for one dimensional case, and the results are shown for temperature, total pressure, partial pressure of vapor, physically adsorbed water content and crystalline water content. They show good agreements with the experiments.


thermal response of mortar wall, temperature creep, moisture transfer, physically adsorbed water, crystalline water

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