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Evaluation Of The Conspicuousness Of Emergency Exit Signs

Jin, T.,, Yamada, T., Kawai, S. and Takahashi, S., 1991. Evaluation Of The Conspicuousness Of Emergency Exit Signs. Fire Safety Science 3: 835-841. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-835


An experimental study was carried out to determine the conspicuousness of the three sizes of the emergency exit sign in an underground shopping plaza where many lights of high luminance existed. The research shows noticeability is not only dependent of the size of the emergency exit sign, but on its luminance. We also measured the visual impact of self-flashing type emergency exit sign and compared with that of a control one. The results showed that the conspicuousness of the self-flashing signs were remarkably good in a background with many distractions from other light sources.


conspicuousness, emergency exit signs, self-flashing sign, evacuation, visibility

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