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A Comparison Of Two Fire Field Models With Experimental Room Fire Data

Kerrison, L., Mawhinney, N., Galea, E.R., Noffmann, N. and Patel, M.K., 1994. A Comparison Of Two Fire Field Models With Experimental Room Fire Data. Fire Safety Science 4: 161-172. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-161


This paper describes the application of two fire field models to the description of fire induced flows in domestic sized rooms. A systematic and critical comparison is made of two commonly used CFD codes for fire modeling, PHOENICS and FLOW3D. Comparisons are based on upper-layer room temperatures, mass fluxes in and out of the fm compartment and door-way vertical and horizontal temperature and velocity profiles. Given identical meshes, both models agree reasonably well with the observed trends. A close examination of the horizontal door-way velocity profiles highlights the need for careful modeling and experimental practices.


Compartment fires, Field models, FLOW3D, PHOENICS, CFD

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