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Wall Incident Heat Flux Distributions Resulting From An Adjacent Fire

Back, G., Beyler, C.L., Dinenno, P. and Tatem, P., 1994. Wall Incident Heat Flux Distributions Resulting From An Adjacent Fire. Fire Safety Science 4: 241-252. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-241


Incident wall heat flux distributions have been measured for square propane burner fire sources placed against the wall. Peak heat fluxes of 40-120 kw/m2 were measured for heat release rates of 50-500 kw/m2 and burner edge lengths of 0.28-0.7 m. Peak heat fluxes were found to be a strong function of heat release rate but were insensitive to flame aspect ratio or burner size. Correlations of the data were developed to represent the measured flux distributions. These correlations are intended for use in wall flame spread modeling


heat flux, wall fires, flame heat transfer

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