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Effects Of Gasification Properties Of A Combustible On Flame Spread Over Its Surface

Suzuki, T. and Hirano, T., 1994. Effects Of Gasification Properties Of A Combustible On Flame Spread Over Its Surface. Fire Safety Science 4: 361-371. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-361


An experimental study of flame spread over the surface of a filter paper sheet soaked with a combustible liquid was performed to obtain knowledge of the effects of gasification properties on flame spread phenomena. Gasification properties of paper sheets were controlled by changing a soaking liquid selected from normal paraffins, ranging in carbon number from 8 to 13. Flame spread rate increased as the boiling temperature of the soaking liquid decreased. The increasing rate of flame spread rate with decreasing of the boiling temperature became large as the boiling temperature decreased. Flame spread rate decreased as the paper sheet thickness increased. The decreasing rate of flame spread rate with increasing of the thickness became small as the boiling temperature decreased or the thickness increased.


flame spread, liquid-soaked solid burning fire physics, heterogeneous combustion

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