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Behavior Of A 2-dimensional Ceiling Jet Flow: A Beamed Ceiling Configuration

Koslowski, C.C. and Motevalli, V., 1994. Behavior Of A 2-dimensional Ceiling Jet Flow: A Beamed Ceiling Configuration. Fire Safety Science 4: 469-480. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-469


Detailed measurements of velocity and temperature in a primary channel of a beamed ceiling are presented in this paper as well as flow spillage under the beams. The data has been used to validate the empirical relation developed by Delichatsios and modify it for use in a more general situation. The primary focus has been to characterize the flow for beam depths that result in a ceiling jet to be in the transition between smooth ceiling jet flow and a corridor flow. As a result of this study, a modified empirical relation to calculate the ceiling jet temperature in a primary channel based on the ceiling heat transfer and the beam to ceiling height ratio has been presented here. The results tend to show that primary channel flow approaches a corridor flow for beam depth higher than 15 % to 20% of the fire to ceiling height.


ceiling jet velocity and temperature, heat detection, turbulent flow, beams

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