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Environmental Problems Caused By Fires And Fire-fighting Agents

Holemann, H., 1994. Environmental Problems Caused By Fires And Fire-fighting Agents. Fire Safety Science 4: 61-77. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-61


For fire safety engineering, a new responsibility - to avoid environmental damage - arises besides the traditional tasks, which in the first line are the protection of life and property. An increasing awareness focuses on the environmental impacts of fire suppression activities. The global dimensions of environmental pollution originating from major incidents as well as from natural fires are depicted. The banning of Halons because of their ozone depleting potential is explained. Initiated by a fire in a chemical warehouse Central Europe's interest concentrates on the retention of contaminated extinguishing water. Finally, remediation strategies for fire related environmental pollution are discussed.


atmospheric trace gases, biomass burning, environmental pollution, extinguishing water retention, halon ban, oil well fires, remediation of fire grounds, surface waters pollution

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