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Design And Tests Of Prestressed Concrete Beams

Franssen, J.M. and Bruls, A., 1997. Design And Tests Of Prestressed Concrete Beams. Fire Safety Science 5: 1081-1092. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-1081


A pre-stressed TT beam had been designed considering the ultimate limit state of b e n d i and considering a temperature distribution given by a graph which was valid for a section with a similar shape. When tested in a furnace, it proved to have a lire resistance of only 79 minutes instead of the 2 hours foreseen by the calculation. An investigation was made, with the help of numerical modeling, to explain the reasons of the failure and to design a new specimen. Some modifications were introduced to increase the resistance to bending forces, to shear form and to the slip of the tendons. A modified specimen behaved satisfactory in a second test. The formula proposed in Eurocode 2 for the shear resistance of reinforced concrete elements at ambient temperature has been adapted for the elevated temperature situation and its application allowed to accurately predict the failure mode observed in the first test.


simulation, pre-stress, test, fire

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