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Analysis Of Time Of Collapse Of Steel Columns Exposed To Fire

Chandrasekaran, V. and Mulcahy, N.L., 1997. Analysis Of Time Of Collapse Of Steel Columns Exposed To Fire. Fire Safety Science 5: 1141-1152. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-1141


Unprotected steel columns exhibit a rapid deterioration in strength with increasing temperature. A method for the analysis of unprotected steel columns in fire conditions is presented. Beam finite elements are used to model the columns that are concentrically loaded with initial out-of-straightness and temperature-dependent elasto-plastic material properties. The accuracy of the model was determined by comparing it with available experimental results for column strength at elevated temperature and for time of collapse with time-varying temperatures. A study of the time to collapse of unprotected steel columns was undertaken for a range of load levels, slenderness ratios and column section sizes.


steel, columns, buckling, plasticity, thermal analysis, fire

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