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Flame And Plume Behavior In And Near A Corner Of Walls

Takahashi, W., Sugawa, O., Tanaka, H. and Ohtake, M., 1997. Flame And Plume Behavior In And Near A Corner Of Walls. Fire Safety Science 5: 261-271. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-261


The relationship between air entrainment and flame/plume behavior was studied experimentally, when a fire source was placed in and near a corner of vertical walls. Three different sizes of square gas diffusion burners were used and observation of flame height and measurement of temperature and upward velocity around a comer were carried out. The heat release rate and the separation distance from the wall to the burner were varied as well as the burner size. Mass flow of the plume and air entrainment mass flux is calculated from experimental data, and the effects of air entrainment on flame/plume behavior are quantitatively discussed.


corner fire, flame height, plume, air entrainment

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