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Mathematical Models For Wind-aided Flame Spread Of Floor Coverings

Van Hees, P. and Vandevelde, P., 1997. Mathematical Models For Wind-aided Flame Spread Of Floor Coverings. Fire Safety Science 5: 321-332. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-321


Recently the fire hazard of floor coverings in a wind-aided flame spread scenario was shown in an extensive series of full scale and small scale tests. This paper describes two types of mathematical models used in this work for the prediction of wind-aided flame spread on floor coverings. Both models use cone calorimeter data as input. The first model gives the analytical solution for the flame spread as a function of time. This model can be used for a specific scenario and gives a good estimate of the possible risk of the floor covering. The second model is a numerical simulation model which allows the user to calculate the flame spread in a wider range of situations. This model can be used in the future for implementation in zone- or field models as input for the growth of the fire as a function of time. Both models show an acceptable degree of prediction level of the available full scale test results for floor coverings in a room corridor scenario. These full scale test results comprise most known families of floor coverings.


mathematical model, floor covering, wind-aided flame spread, heat release, cone calorimeter

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