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The Prediction Of Fire Propagation In Enclosure Fires

Jia, F., Galea, E.R. and Patel, M.K., 1997. The Prediction Of Fire Propagation In Enclosure Fires. Fire Safety Science 5: 439-450. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-439


In this paper we present some early work concerned with the development of a simple solid fuel combustion model incorporated within a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CIFD) framework. The model is intended for use in engineering applications of fire field modeling and represents an extension of this technique to situations involving the combustion of solid cellulosic fuels. A simple solid fuel combustion model consisting of a t h e d pyrolysis model, a six flux radiation model and an eddy dissipation model for gaseous combustion have been developed and implemented within the CFD code CFDS-FLOW3D. The model is briefly described and demonstrated through two applications involving fire spread in a compartment with a plywood lined ceiling. The two scenarios considered involve a fire in an open and closed compartment. The model is shown to be able to qualitatively predict behaviors similar to flashover - in the case of the open room - and backdraft - in the case of the initially closed room.


ced, field models, pyrolysis, solid fuel combustion, flashover, backdraft

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