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Advanced Occupant Behavioural Features Of The Building-exodus Evacuation Model

Owen, M., Galea, E.R. and Lawrence, P.J., 1997. Advanced Occupant Behavioural Features Of The Building-exodus Evacuation Model. Fire Safety Science 5: 795-806. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-795


The purpose of this paper is to describe and demonstrate some of the advanced behavioral features currently being developed for the building-EXODUS evacuation model. These advanced features involve the ability to specify roles for particular individuals during the evacuation. With these enhancements to the Behavioral Sub model of building-EXODUS, it is possible to include a number of procedural and behavioral aspects previously ignored in evacuation simulations. These include the behavioral aspect of group bonding, the procedural aspects involved with the role of the fire warden and rescue operations undertaken by the fire services. The importance of these enhancements are discussed and demonstrated through three simple simulations.


evacuation, computer models, human behavior, rescue, fire warden, group bonding

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