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Adaptive Decision-making In Building Exodus In Response To Exit Congestion

Gwynne, S., Galea, E.R., Lawrence, P.J., Owen, M. and Filippidis, L., 2000. Adaptive Decision-making In Building Exodus In Response To Exit Congestion. Fire Safety Science 6: 1041-1052. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-1041


Given the importance of occupant behavior on evacuation efficiency, a new behavioral feature has been implemented into building EXODUS. This feature concerns the response of occupants to exit selection and re-direction, given that the occupant is queuing at an external exit. This behavior is not simply pre-determined by the user as part of the initialization process, but involves the occupant taking decisions based on their previous experiences with the enclosure and the information available to them. This information concerns the occupant's prior knowledge of the enclosure and line-of-sight information concerning queues at neighboring exits. This new feature is demonstrated and reviewed through several examples.


evacuation, fire safety, queuing, adaptive behavior, familiarity, line-of-sight

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