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Fire Development In A Two-Bed Hospital Ward

Dowling, V.P., Knight, D., Mcarthur, N.A. and Webb, A.K., 2000. Fire Development In A Two-Bed Hospital Ward. Fire Safety Science 6: 135-146. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-135


Increasingly there is a need for data on "real" fires, whether it be as an aid for fire engineering assessments or for testing mathematical models. This paper describes four large-scale fire experiments that were performed in a simulated two-bed hospital ward. Both smoldering and small flaming ignition sources were employed in the experiments. The smoldering stages of the fires did not produce a buoyant hot layer. The flaming stages of the fires produced similar fire growth curves irrespective of whether there had been a prolonged smoldering stage. A number of criteria for untenability have been compared.


large-scale fire experiments, fire scenarios, hospital fires, furniture fires

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