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Extinction Limits Of Opposed Jet Turbulent Premixed Methane Air Flames With Water Mist

Mesli, B., Quilgars, A., Chauveau, C. and Gokalp, I., 2000. Extinction Limits Of Opposed Jet Turbulent Premixed Methane Air Flames With Water Mist. Fire Safety Science 6: 445-456. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-445


An experimental study on water mist extinction of turbulent premixed flames is described. The aim of the study is to compare the extinction limits of opposed jet turbulent methane/air flames with and without the addition of water mist. and to study the influence of several parameters including the structure of water mist in terms of droplet s i x and mass fraction of the condensed phase, mean strain rate, equivalence ratio and turbulence. An existing opposed jet turbulent premixed flame experimental set-up is modified to include a water mist production system. An air assisted atomizer is developed to produce and control the water mist. The structure of the water mist is characterized by a Phase Doppler Anemometer. Water mist interaction with three different configurations of opposed jet premixed flames is explored and the results arc discussed by introducing a parameter representing the water mist efficiency.


mist, flame extinction, turbulent premixed flames

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