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Water Mist Protection Of Combustion Turbine Enclosures

Bill, R.G. and Ural, E.A., 2000. Water Mist Protection Of Combustion Turbine Enclosures. Fire Safety Science 6: 457-468. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-457


Loss experience for combustion turbine enclosures and the need to find alternatives to halon protection have led to the development of a fire test methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of water mist systems for this occupancy. The fire test methodology is used to determine the capability of water mist systems to extinguish fires resulting from diesel, hydraulic, or lubrication oil pool or spray fires which have been identified as the most likely fire scenarios. In addition, a water mist cooling test has been developed to determine whether turbine casing deformation resulting from spray cooling is acceptable. Results from the fire test methodologies are given for a water mist system protecting a simulated 80 m' turbine enclosure.


water mist, fine water spray, combustion turbines, flammable liquid hazards

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