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Field Modelling Of Non-charring Flame Spread

Lewis, M.J., Rubini, P.A. and Moss, J.B., 2000. Field Modelling Of Non-charring Flame Spread. Fire Safety Science 6: 683-694. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-683


The paper describes a methodology for the field modeling of non-charring flame spread over representative solid surfaces. Coupled descriptions of the controlling mechanisms of buoyancy-driven flow, combustion, soot production, radiation heat transfer and solid pyrolysis are incorporated into a fire-specific CFD code. The approach is evaluated at sub-model level and in a room corner fire configuration through detailed comparisons between numerical prediction and experimental measurement for flame spread over PMMA reported in the literature A range of alternative models, embracing, in particular, soot production and radiation heat transfer are evaluated. Generally good agreement is achieved with experiment at levels of spatial resolution which are compatible with the computational demands of field model predictions in compartment fire scenarios.


fire physics, field modeling, flame spread

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