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Measurement Of A 3-D (Gas And Liquid) Flow Structures Generated By A Spreading Flame Over N-butanol

Tashtoush, G., Saito, K., Cremers, C.J., Konishi, T. and Ito, A., 2000. Measurement Of A 3-D (Gas And Liquid) Flow Structures Generated By A Spreading Flame Over N-butanol. Fire Safety Science 6: 753-764. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-753


This paper discusses a new 3-D experimental data that were obtained by a laser-sheet-particle-tracking (LSPT) technique for a spreading flame over n-butanol. The major heat transfer process between the flame's leading edge and the liquid is a highly transient phenomenon involving both liquid and gas phases. These interact with each other through exchanges of momentum, heat, and mass. We improved our original 2-D LSPT and made it applicable to study 3-D measurement. Using this new 3-D LSPT we measured a series of velocity profiles in a pulsating flame spread over n-butanol at different distances above or below the liquid surface and obtained 3-D flow visualization in both liquid and gas phases. The new LSPT confirmed the existence of twin vortex flow on the liquid surface and deep in the liquid a few mm below the surface. These vortices gradually disappear as the laser sheet moves down from the liquid surface. A similar twin-vortex structure in the gas phase was also observed for the first time. These results proved that the convective flow in both liquid and gas phases is 3-D in nature in the three trays we have used.


flame spread, pulsating, laser-sheet-particle tracking, three-d measurement

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