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Flammability And Fire Behaviour Of TV Sets

Troitzsch, J.H., 2000. Flammability And Fire Behaviour Of TV Sets. Fire Safety Science 6: 979-990. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-979


A study carried out at the State Materials Testing Establishment MFPA in Leipzig. Germany. on the ignition and post-ignition behavior of TV-sets has shown that housings and backplates made of plastics only meeting low tire safety levels will dramatically contribute to the development of a fire and may lead to flash-over in a very short period of time. The role of tire safety in electrical and electronic (E&E) standards and the protection of consumer electronics against potential external fire sources of growing intensity are discussed. In a comprehensive fire testing program including tests in a fully furnished room. TV-sets used in the USA and Japan complying with UL 94 V tire safety levels did not lead to tire propagation. whereas TV sets of European origin with low UL 94 HB fire safety levels already ignited when exposed to the lowest intensity ignition source. High fire safety levels for all plastics used in E&E devices are necessary in order to protect them against internal as well as external ignition sources of lower intensity. They need to be introduced in standards like IEC 65 which allow the use of non flame retarded. low fire safety level plastics for housings and backplates.


fire safety of tv sets, standard 1ec 65, plastics, housings, rackplates, flame retardants, ul 94 flammability test, external ignition sources, ignition, post ignition behavior, large scale fire tests

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