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Surface Temperature Measurement Of Flame Spread Using Thermographic Phosphors

Omrane, A., Ossler, F., Alden, M., Gtoransson, U. and Holmstedt, G., 2003. Surface Temperature Measurement Of Flame Spread Using Thermographic Phosphors. Fire Safety Science 7: 141-152. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.7-141


A technique based on remote measurements of surface temperature in connection to fires is presented. Pulsed ultraviolet laser radiation at 266 nm and 7 ns duration was used to excite a thermographic phosphor, Mg4FGeO6: Mn, which was adapted on the surface of the investigated material. The laser-induced emission from the phosphor was recorded. A calibration of the phosphorescence lifetime and spectral properties against temperature allowed surface temperature measurements between 25°C and 500°C. The method was tested and compared with thermocouple measurements on burning materials such as lowdensity fiberboards and polymethylmetacrylate.


surface temperature, thermographic phosphor, temperature measurement, flame spread

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