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Predicting Smoke Detector Activation Using The Fire Dynamics Simulator

D'Souza, V.T., Sutula, J, Olenick, S., Zhang, W. and Roby, R., 2003. Predicting Smoke Detector Activation Using The Fire Dynamics Simulator. Fire Safety Science 7: 187-195. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.7-187


This is a study into the ability of the Fire Dynamics Simulator - Version 1.0 (FDS 1.0) to predict smoke detector activation. FDS is a field computer model that has shown promise in the modeling of fire phenomena. Two methods were used to create a first order approximation of the ability of FDS to predict smoke detector activation. First, the fluid transport model of smoke within FDS was tested and compared with full scale UL217 test data. Second, a series of full-scale multicompartment fire tests were conducted to provide a data set to further validate the results obtained from FDS. It was determined that FDS can predict smoke detector activation when used in conjunction with smoke detector lag correlations that correct for the time delay associated with smoke having to penetrate the detector housing.

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