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A New Test Method For Rating Materials As Noncombustible

Alpert, R.L. and Khan, M.M., 2003. A New Test Method For Rating Materials As Noncombustible. Fire Safety Science 7: 791-802. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.7-791


Several test methods commonly employed to rate the combustibility of materials are evaluated and compared to criteria for the stability of flaming combustion in the fire science literature. These science-based criteria are then used to analyze measurements and visual observations obtained when four prototype “noncombustible” materials are tested in the Fire Propagation Apparatus (ASTM E 2058). Based on this analysis, it is proposed that observation of the presence of flame and measurement of heat release rate at an applied heat flux of 50 kW/m2 and an inflow oxygen concentration of 40% can be used to determine whether a material should be rated as “noncombustible.


rating of combustibility, non-combustible materials, heat of combustion

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