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The AASK Database V3.0: A Database Of Human Experience During Aircraft Evacuation Incidents

Galea, E.R., Finney, K.M., Dixon, A.J.P., Cooney, D.P. and Siddiqui, A., 2003. The AASK Database V3.0: A Database Of Human Experience During Aircraft Evacuation Incidents. Fire Safety Science 7: 865-876. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.7-865


This paper describes recent developments with the Aircraft Accident Statistics and Knowledge (AASK) database. The AASK database is a repository of survivor accounts from aviation accidents developed by the Fire Safety Engineering Group of the University of Greenwich with support from the UK CAA. Its main purpose is to store observational and anecdotal data from the actual interviews of the occupants involved in aircraft accidents. Access to the latest version of the database (AASK V3.0) is available over the Internet. AASK consists of information derived from both passenger and cabin crew interviews, information concerning fatalities and basic accident details. Also provided with AASK is the Seat Plan Viewer that graphically displays the starting locations of all the passengers – both survivors and fatalities - as well as the exits used by the survivors. Data entered into the AASK database is extracted from the transcripts supplied by the National Transportation Safety Board in the US and the Air Accident Investigation Branch in the UK. The quality and quantity of the data was very variable ranging from short summary reports of the accidents to boxes of individual accounts from passengers, crew and investigators. Data imported into AASK V3.0 includes information from 55 accidents and individual accounts from 1295 passengers and 110 crew.


aircraft accident, evacuation, database, evacuation data

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