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Correlation Of Toxic Product Yields From Tube Furnace Tests And Large Scale Fires

Hull, T.R., Lebek, K. and Paul, K.T., 2005. Correlation Of Toxic Product Yields From Tube Furnace Tests And Large Scale Fires. Fire Safety Science 8: 1059-1070. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-1059


Toxic product yields obtained from a steady state tube furnace method (the Purser furnace, IEC 60695-7-50) are compared with results reported for a static tube furnace (suitable for IEC 60754-2) and a large scale test (the European Horizontal Reference Scenario Test for cables, enclosed in an ISO 9705 room). Data for burning polypropylene as a function of equivalence ratio shows excellent correlation between small and large scale. Results from four commercial cable types are also reported, and compared with static tube furnace data, and the horizontal reference scenario now accepted for European cable flammability assessment. These show varying degrees of correlation, as may be expected given the complex nature of cable construction and burning and the large differences between the fire types involved.


fire chemistry, toxicity, cables, pvc, polypropylene, carbon monoxide

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