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Temperature Field-monitoring Using Ultrasonic Ct

Zhu, N., Jiang, Y. and Kato, S., 2005. Temperature Field-monitoring Using Ultrasonic Ct. Fire Safety Science 8: 1389-1400. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-1389


In order to effectively monitor the temperature field inside a building to prevent fire from happening in advance, a new non-intrusive measurement method of using ultrasonic CT is suggested in this paper. Being different with the conventional CT reconstruction, a kind of algorithm of using simultaneous equations analysis is employed to obtain CT reconstruction while projection data in the form of fan-beam is gathered by employing the directivity of ultrasonic sensor. The feature of this kind of algorithm is that it can perform CT reconstruction without using parallel projection data obtained by the conventional R-S (Rotation and Scanning) method. Both CT simulation and experimental results proves that the suggested CT algorithm is reasonable for monitoring temperature field and can be applied to the field of fire-detecting in the future.


ultrasonic ct, temperature field-monitoring, fire detection, simultaneous equation analysis, directivity of ultrasonic sensor

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