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Load-carrying Behavior Of Unstiffened Elements At Elevated Temperatures In Fire

Knobloch, M. and Fontana, M., 2005. Load-carrying Behavior Of Unstiffened Elements At Elevated Temperatures In Fire. Fire Safety Science 8: 223-234. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-223


Unstiffened elements affect markedly the resistance of commonly used open steel sections under fire conditions. The distinct non-linear material behavior of steel at elevated temperatures requires large strains to activate the increase of cross-sectional capacity due to plastification. The yield line theory in conjunction with temperature dependent second order elastic theory including equivalent geometric imperfections has been used to describe the load-carrying behavior of unstiffened elements in compression and bending at elevated temperatures in fire. Using both theories, the complete load carrying behavior in the pre- and post-buckling range can be analyzed. In addition, the results obtained from these analytical solutions were compared to numerical results using a geometrical and physical non-linear finite element approach.


structural design, steel constructions, fire resistance, local buckling, yield line theory

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