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Structural Fire Design Of Timber Structures According To Eurocode 5

Konig, J., 2005. Structural Fire Design Of Timber Structures According To Eurocode 5. Fire Safety Science 8: 303-313. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-303


This paper gives an overview of EN 1995-1-2 dealing with structural fire design of timber structures. This European standard is part of the Eurocodes system, to be implemented in the European Union and EFTA countries. The paper describes the main topics of the code and focuses on changes introduced during the revision of its forerunner ENV 1995-1-2. Charring and the effect of applied fire protective claddings are dealt with in a consistent way. Alternative rules for strength and stiffness parameters are discussed. New improved, however still incomplete, rules for connections can easily be extended when new knowledge becomes available. The modified components additive method for the verification of the separating function of wall and floor assemblies takes into account both properties and the position of layers. For the application of advanced calculation methods, effective material properties are given: thermal properties, taking into account effects of char cracking and char recession, and thermo-mechanical properties taking into account influence of elevated temperature and moisture on strength and stiffness.


timber, structures, structural design, fire, fire resistance, charring, protection of wood, connections, calculations, codes

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