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Thermo-Kinetic Model of Burning for Pyrolyzing Materials

Stoliarov, S. and Lyon, R., 2008. Thermo-Kinetic Model of Burning for Pyrolyzing Materials. Fire Safety Science 9: 1141-1152. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.9-1141


One of the main obstacles to development of more effective passive fire protection for transportation is the lack of a quantitative understanding of the relations between the results of various materials fire tests used in this field. The need for multiple testing techniques arises from the complexity of fire phenomena and their sensitivity to environmental conditions. This work addresses this problem by developing a computational tool that predicts the behavior of materials exposed to fire. While it is not expected that this tool will eliminate the need for fire testing, the goal is to considerably reduce the number and complexity of the tests necessary for a comprehensive characterization of the materials of interest. The foundation of this tool is a mathematical model that describes transient thermal energy transport, chemical reactions, and transport of gases through the condensed phase. The model also captures such important aspects of material’s behavior as charring and intumescence. This paper provides a detailed

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