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Venting Of Gaseous Explosions; Turbulization Aspect

Molkov, V.V., 1992. Venting Of Gaseous Explosions; Turbulization Aspect. AOFST 1


The main goal of the present investigation is to discuss multiparametric dependence of turbulization factor X on combustion and venting conditions in an vented vessels or other enclosures. More well grounded dimensionless formulae for minimal safe vent area calculation are cited, then those in the NFPA 68 "Guide for Venting of Deflagrations" (1988 Edition) . Fomula for turbulization factor X dependence on the vessel volume V; "true" vent ratio (F/V 2 /3); maximum dimensionless internal pressure ?m that can be withstood by the weakest structural element; maximum dimensionless explosion pressure developed in unvented vessel ?e; and other conditions is given and discussed.

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