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Experimental And Numerical Studies On Fire Whirls

Matsuyama, K., Tanaka, F., Ishikawa, N., Tanaka, S., Ohmiya, Y. and Hayashi, Y., 2004. Experimental And Numerical Studies On Fire Whirls . AOFST 6


In case that conflagration such as urban fire occurred, there is case which the swirl flow, so-called fire whirls sometimes generates. The generation of fire whirls is a rare but potentially catastrophic form of fires. In order to control of fire whirls, it is important to specify the generating mechanism. In this paper, experimental and numerical studies are reported on whirling flames, which modeled fire whirls. A propane burner was used as a fire source of experiment apparatus. The distribution of temperature and velocity of fire whirl were measured in experiments. Moreover, the prediction of fire whirls phenomenon was carried out by using CFD code. The CFD code, which is the FDS Ver.3.1 developed in NIST, was used for numerical simulation.

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