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Ohmiya, Y.

Ohmiya, Y., Yusa, S., Matsuyama, K. and Harada, K., 2001. Prediction Method Of Opening Jet Plume Behaviour In The Presence Of An Opening Soffit. AOFST 5
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Matsuyama, K., Tanaka, F., Ishikawa, N., Tanaka, S., Ohmiya, Y. and Hayashi, Y., 2004. Experimental And Numerical Studies On Fire Whirls . AOFST 6
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Lee, Y. P., Delichatsios, M.A., Ohmiya, Y., Wakatsuki, K., Yanagisawa, A. and Goto, D., 2007. Flame Heights And Heat Fluxes On A Building Facade And An Opposite Building Wall By Flames Emerging From An Opening. AOFST 7
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