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Flame Propagation In The Channel And Flammability Limits

Makhviladze, G.M., Melikhov, V.I. and Rabinkov, V.A., 1991. Flame Propagation In The Channel And Flammability Limits. Fire Safety Science 3: 875-883. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-875


Using full non-stationary two dimensional equations for the gas combustion, the problem of flame propagation in a planar channel with cold side walls is considered. The processes of flame quenching are studied comprehensively. The values of critical Peclet numbers are found numerically and analytically, depending on the value of one dimensionless parameter, which characterizes the combustion heat and the composition of the fresh mixture. It is shown that the critical parameters, obtained in the numerical calculations are in satisfactory agreement with the experimental data. The mechanism of the flame propagation and its structure without quenching is considered.


flame propagation, flammability limit, flame extinction

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