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Two Dimensional Rack Storage Fires

Ingason, H., 1994. Two Dimensional Rack Storage Fires. Fire Safety Science 4: 1209-1220. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-1209


Flame heights and air flows in a two dimensional rack storage were investigated. The width of the vertical flue is found to be the predominant geometrical parameter controlling the flue flow. The mass flow rate increases nearly linearly with the width. Variation of the horizontal flue heights was found to have negligible effects on the vertical flue flow. For a certain vertical flue width, the mass flow rate is found to be nearly constant independent of the heat output. Experimental results indicate a linear relationship between the flame height and the ratio of heat output to the vertical flue width. A ratio of entrained air to the stoichiometric air requirements at the flame tip is found to be 7.5. Experiments were carried out using inert boxes and a diffusion propane line burner located at the bottom of the rack. The rack was 0.59 m long and between 1.14 m and 1.34 m in height (4 boxes). The size of the rack is about 113 of what can be expected in real rack storage.


flame height, rack storage, mass flow rate, flues, line burner

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