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Co/co2 Ratios In Fire

Tsuchiya, Y., 1994. Co/co2 Ratios In Fire. Fire Safety Science 4: 515-526. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-515


The CO/CO2, mol ratio has been used to estimate CO generation for hazard assessment in some room fire models. For better estimation of CO, more detailed usage of the CO/C02 ratio and more experimental data on their values seem required. CO/CO2, mol ratios in the literature, measured using small-scale apparatuses and in large-scale experiments, were reviewed. The ratios for different materials at different fire conditions were experimentally measured using an oxygen depletion OSU apparatus and cone calorimeter. CO/C02 mol ratios depended on fuel types and fire conditions, but for a type of fuel in one mode of combustion, the ratio was fairly stable. It is suggested to apply different CO/CO2, values to each fuel block for each stage of combustion in a fire modeling to estimate the CO generation.


co/co2, mol ratio, co generation, small-scale tests, cone calorimeter, osu apparatus, pyrolysis, flaming, glowing

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