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Egress Complexity Of A Building

Donegan, H.A., Pollock, A.J. and Taylor, I.R., 1994. Egress Complexity Of A Building. Fire Safety Science 4: 601-612. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.4-601


Any multi-component building may be regarded as a complex object or structure. The present Fire Safety literature does not yet offer a model to compare two or more of these structures with respect to EGRESS COMPLEXITY. This paper formalizes an approach to resolve this problem and outlines the calculation of appropriate values using a defined algorithm. An ENTROPY measure is generated for network representations of buildings to reflect complexity. The calculation procedure is illustrated for buildings with single floors, multi-storeys and multiple exits. The results are compared with EVACNET+


building complexity, entropy, networks, fire safety, egress

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