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CBUF Model I, Applied To Exemplary New Zealand Furniture

Enright, P.A. and Fleischmann, C.M., 2000. CBUF Model I, Applied To Exemplary New Zealand Furniture. Fire Safety Science 6: 147-158. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-147


The recent comprehensive study on the combustion behavior of upholstered furniture sponsored by the European Commission (EC-CBUF) developed a factor-based model for predicting full scale results for the peak heat release rate, time to peak, total heat release and time to untenable conditions. In this paper we examine the applicability of the EC-CBUF Model I to exemplary New Zealand (NZ) furniture items. Eight single seat furniture items have been tested in both the cone and furniture calorimeters. Tests were conducted in accordance with the strict EC-CBUF protocols. Using the results from the cone calorimeter test as input into EC-CBUF Model I, predictions of the full-scale furniture behavior were made. Comparisons between the full-scale furniture results and the model predictions show that NZ furniture consistently exhibits higher peak heat release rates for similar total heat. Based on these comparisons it is clear that exemplary NZ furniture presents a significantly greater fire hazard than its European counterparts by reaching this higher peak heat release rate in shorter periods of time. Further research is required to determine what modifications are necessary before this model can be applied to NZ furniture.


cbuf, combustion, furniture, fabric, foam, model

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