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Evaluation Of Imo Fire Test Protocol For Fixed Gaseous - Fire Extinguishing Systems

Nam, S. and Hansen, R.L., 2000. Evaluation Of Imo Fire Test Protocol For Fixed Gaseous - Fire Extinguishing Systems. Fire Safety Science 6: 469-480. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-469


Six full-scale5re tests were conducted to evaluate a gaseous agent fixed fire extinguishing system for marine applications using the International Maritime Organization's MSC Circular 776 fire test protocol, a low temperature cylinder discharge test, and a verification test for side wall discharge nozzles. The gaseous agent used was FM200® propelled by compressed nitrogen contained in the same cylinders. The tests verified that the systems met the performance requirements in terms of agent discharge time and fire extinguishment times as specified in IMO fire test protocol. The cold discharge test, in which the agent was discharged from cylinders stored at -5 "C, also met the system performance criteria. No adverse effect on the system performance was observed. Agent discharge time, cold temperature effect, and use of full-scale fire tests are discussed. Recommendations are also made to improve the IMO test protocol regarding stabilization of spray fires, use of additional telltale fires, and use of a reliable re-ignition source


imo, gaseous agent, discharge time, low-temperature storage

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