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Fire Spread Model In A Porous Medium

Patej, S., Plourde, F., Kim, S.D. and Malet, J.C., 2000. Fire Spread Model In A Porous Medium. Fire Safety Science 6: 717-728. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-717


A new algorithm for fire spread simulation is proposed by using a dynamic tool of the flame front change and a local spread model. The progression of fire, represented by a closed contour, is based on the determination of a parametric function. In order to compute this new parametric function, it is necessary to calculate the scalar field of the rate of spread at some points of the fire contour. A physical model has been introduced and is mainly based on the Cekirge model. This takes into account external conditions i.e. the wind, the topographic conditions and the he1 characteristics. This model provides then results with a moving boundary problem and can be used to evaluate forest fire propagation in real time. Validations are presented in order to demonstrate the soundness of this new approach.


forest fire, porous medium, unsteady propagation, dynamic tool

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