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The Behaviors Of H-section Steel Beam In Fire

Dong, Y. and Li, X., 2005. The Behaviors Of H-section Steel Beam In Fire. Fire Safety Science 8: 201-209. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-201


In this paper, the behaviors of 14 H-section steel beams in fire are investigated. The test is carried out by use of the self-made fire-test furnace. The lengths of beams are 4200 mm and 3600 mm. The temperature field and deflection of beams in fire are measured. The effect of connection, boundary condition and axial restraint on the behaviors of steel beams is also studied. The test indicates that local buckling and lateral torsional buckling of H-section steel beams occur in fire. The behaviors of H-section steel beams in fire are influenced by connection and axial restraint. When the beams undergo a large deflection, compression force then quickly changes into tension force, which supports the beam and reduces further deflection, and the catenary action takes place. The test results in this paper may be used to guide the design of this type of steel beams in fire.


fire, h-section, steel beam, temperature field, deflection, experimental testing

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