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Burning Analysis Of Motor Scooters

Chen, C.J., Tsai, M.J., Ji, B.C., Wu, C.W., Pu, J.Y. and Lin, T.H., 2005. Burning Analysis Of Motor Scooters. Fire Safety Science 8: 671-680. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-671


A series of burning tests were conducted on motor scooters by using a 10 MW large-scale fire products collector. The emissions characteristics and heat release rates of burning motor scooters were identified. From the experimental measurements, it was found that one motor scooter had a peak heat release rate of 1 MW, furthermore two scooters and three scooters had 2 MW and 4 MW peak heat release rate respectively. As the number of scooters increased, the duration of the fully-developed burning period became shorter. However, the ignition and fire spreading patterns affected the maximal heat release rate considerably.


motorcycle fires, heat release rate, large-scale fire products collector

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