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Novozhilov, V.

Moghtaderi, B., Novozhilov, V., Fletcher, D.F., Kent, J.H. and Apte, V.B., 1997. Effect Of Water Spray On Re-ignition Characteristics Of Solid Fuels. Fire Safety Science 5: 829-840. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-829
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Novozhilov, V., 2000. Computational Fluid Dynamics Predictions Of Thermoplastic Fire Suppression By Water Spray. Fire Safety Science 6: 387-398. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-387
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Karpov, A.I., Galat, A.A., Novozhilov, V. and Bulgakov, V.K., 2005. Numerical Modeling Of The Effect Of Fine Water Mist On The Small Scale Flame Spreading Over Solid Combustibles. Fire Safety Science 8: 753-764. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.8-753
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Novozhilov, V., 2014. Water Spray Dynamics in Fire Flows. Fire Safety Science 11: 1271-1284. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.11-1271
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