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Fire Suppression By Water Mist Generated By Solid Propellant Propulsion

Lipanov, A. M., Leschev, A. Y. and Karpov, A.I., 2007. Fire Suppression By Water Mist Generated By Solid Propellant Propulsion. AOFST 7


The behavior of fire suppression by water mist spray has been studied by exploiting the experimental setup which employs the solid propellant gas generator for water mist production. The burning products of solid fuel form a supersonic flow injected through the nozzle into the diffuser chamber having another input for the water component ejected from the storage. High values of temperature and pressure at stagnation point impart the substantial kinetic energy to the flow, which provides the atomization of water droplets into mist spray. The valuable property of achieved fire extinguishing mixture relates to the presence of inert burning products and vapor phase, which enlarge the volume of fire extinguishing jet allowing it to operate as a flooding agent along with the effect of heat consumption due to water evaporation. Proposed technique has been tested on the suppression of standard gasoline pool fire.

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