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Kakae, Norichika

Harada, K., Jouren, Tomoka, Kakae, Norichika, Nii, D., Kitahori, Jun and Ohmiya, Yoshifumi, 2004. Characterization Of Combustibles For Engineering Fire Calculations. AOFST 6
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Kakae, Norichika, Harada, K. and Ohmiya, Yoshifumi, 2004. A Simplified Calculation Method For Heat Release Rate Of Thermoplastic Combustible Materials. AOFST 6
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Shintani, Yusuke, Kakae, Norichika, Harada, K., Masuda, H. and Takahash, W., 2004. Experimental Investigation Of Burning Behavior Of Automobiles. AOFST 6
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