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Baratov, A. N.

Baratov, A. N. and Bard, V. L., 1992. Explosion Hazard Of Dowtherm. AOFST 1
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Baratov, A. N., Baratova, N. A. and Myshak, Y. A., 1988. Practice Of Use Of Aerosol Extinguishing Agents Obtained By Combustion Of Propellants. AOFST 3
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Baratov, A. N., Tsarichenko, S. G., Zhevlakov, A. F., Timofeev, B. V. and Yajliyan, R. A., 2000. The New Approach To Determination Fire-Extinguishing Concentrations Of Gas Compositions. AOFST 4
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