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Tsarichenko, S. G.

Shebeko, Yu. N., Korolchenko, A., Tsarichenko, S. G. and Trunev, A. V., 1992. Pressure And Temperature Dependence Of Flammability Limits And Burning Velocity Of Gaseous Mixtures The Dependence Of Pressure Index Of Burning Velocity Of Gaseous Mixtures On Chemical Kinetics In The Flame Front. AOFST 1
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Shebeko, Yu. N., Korolchenko, A., Ionaitis, R. R., Tsarichenko, S. G., Navzenya, V. Y., Trunev, A. V., Zaitzev, A. A. and Papkov, S. N., 1995. Experimental Investigation Of Flame Propagation In H2-Air Mixtures In Tube With Moving On Tube Walls Water Film. AOFST 2
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Baratov, A. N., Tsarichenko, S. G., Zhevlakov, A. F., Timofeev, B. V. and Yajliyan, R. A., 2000. The New Approach To Determination Fire-Extinguishing Concentrations Of Gas Compositions. AOFST 4
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