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Baroudi, D.

Kokkala, M.A., Baroudi, D. and Parker, W.J., 1997. Upward Flame Spread On Wooden Surface Products: Experiments And Numerical Modelling. Fire Safety Science 5: 309-320. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.5-309
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Myllymiiki, J. and Baroudi, D., 2000. A Method To Determine Thermal Conductivity Using Boundary Temperature Measurements. Fire Safety Science 6: 349-360. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-349
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Myllyrnaki, J. and Baroudi, D., 2000. Simple Method To Predict Fire Resistance Of Composite Columns. Fire Safety Science 6: 879-890. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.6-879
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Korhonen, T., Hietaniemi, J., Baroudi, D. and Kokkala, M.A., 2003. Time-Dependent Event-tree Method For Fire Risk Analysis: Tentative Results. Fire Safety Science 7: 321-332. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.7-321
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